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Emily Gakii Murerwa, Kenya

To maintain a competitive advantage and for day to day operations organizations are making use of data and information. Emergence and widespread use of computers and computer networks are changing the face of data and information management. Big data is the new term when we talk about data. Massive, voluminous, high velocity, different format data. This data can aid an organization not only to inform through simple queries but provide input for decision making. Data from which decision can be made is known as knowledge. Yet concepts of knowledge and knowledge management as familiar as those of data and information. Nevertheless data, information and knowledge are ultimately all vital to organizations. Knowledge management is an area that has gained immense interest. Many organizations are trying to implement or are planning to implement knowledge management. Success rates are much lower compared to failure rates. The modern employee in an organization is at one level or another a knowledge worker who should be aware why they need knowledge and knowledge better for effective efficient decision making. Successful knowledge management start with a culture shift where all embrace and own the process. For knowledge management to be successful, the implementing team as well as the users should understand what it truly embodies and what is required of each.
This research aimed at addressing the awareness of knowledge management in organization. A questionnaire was given out to analyze Knowledge Management awareness in a chosen Organization. Participants were members of staff from different departments of the Organizations. Analysis was done using SPSS software package.
Though knowledge management initiatives are there, there is a lot still to be done.

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